Holeys no longer sells direct to consumers. Our products are sold to consumers by retailers through their stores and on-line outlets.

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Holeys designs and distributes footwear that is functional, comfortable and safe.  Since 2003, Holeys footwear has been evolving through research, design and technology to bring a new category of footwear to the home and garden market. 

At Holeys, our primary focus is safety and comfort.  When EVA-based foam footwear wears smooth, it becomes very slippery on wet smooth surfaces.  In 2005, after having a bad fall when the original shoes sole had worn smooth, Joyce Groote vowed this would not happen again to her customers or herself.  This has resulted in Holeys entire footwear line containing the anti-slip Sole-tek.  All Holeys footwear features TREVA2.0, a technically advanced process of fusing a slip resistant tread called Sole-tek™ to SmartCel.  As a result, Holeys has raised the bar for EVA-based shoes to be safe even after prolonged use.  Holeys footwear can be worn in dry, wet and icy conditions.  Sole-tek™ also creates a fun shoe with contrasting colors that help the shoe retain it’s natural walking camber. Our SmartCel™ memory foam provides a high quality base to all of Holeys products that maximize comfort and functionality.  You can see the difference!  SmartCel also offers the added benefits of being easy to clean with no place for bacteria to grow where they can cause odor and discoloration.

We pride ourselves on innovating incredibly lightweight, functional and comfortable footwear.  WTS Toy Review, an independent organization that provides product reviews has also given Holeys products high marks for innovation and functionality.  Our Weatherall boot, the lightest boot in the world, forms part of our lawn and garden/light duty product line.  Our children’s Critters by Holeys line features 6 loveable bugs, each with their own names and personalities. Finally, our Let’s Play line has a number of leisure shoes comfortable for wearing to the beach, around home or just out for shopping.

Holeys is a certified WEConnect Womens Business owned Enterprise which is affiliated its sister organizations internationally (US, Europe, China, India). 

Holeys is committed to helping the Global Community.  In 2007, Holeys donated 100,000 pairs of shoes to Soles4Souls, an organization which distributes shoes to third world countries.  Holeys has also supported the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Thailand as well as a number of local causes.

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